Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I think this song, by MercyMe, says it all. No other words are needed, except, I pray you are blessed by this.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is a view from the "veranda" yesterday afternoon. Big winds, lots and lots of rain. We have so many really big tall trees in our back yard and every time we get a storm like this with high winds, I go to the big picture window in my bedroom which looks out into the back yard and I pray to God to keep the trees tall and strong and firmly rooted. Yesterday when the wind was blowing so hard and there was thunder and lightning, I was standing at my window praying that prayer when Gary came into the room and said "Honey, I don't think you should be standing in front of that window right now." I told him I just finished my prayer and had him come look at the trees closest to the house...Honestly...Not even one leaf was blowing on them...even though all the other trees were swaying and leaves were being blown off.
The trees in the picture are in our front yard. I don't know why but I never worry about them falling. Our neighbors, a few houses away, had a huge tree to fall but it didn't hit their house. Don't even try to tell me that God doesn't hear our humble pleas.
Background is from JaelopDesigns "Praise the Lord". The word art is mine, I've used it before on a storm pic. It is just so comforting to me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Must Reads

I know some of you may be like my Gary..not much on just sitting down to read a book, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn't let you all know about these two books? No other work of fiction has so touched my heart and soul. In fact while I was reading them, I kind of wished I could be the character in them. (my goodness, what a thought!). Now, before you say "I don't have time to read a book", let me tell you that they are only 100 pages long (OK, the second one "Day With A Perfect Stranger" has 101 pages). I read them in one sitting, passed them on to my sister-in-law, she did the same thing, one sitting.
I called my sister, told her about them and she went straight to Barnes and Nobles as soon as we finished talking.
Here's the 'clincher', Gary, who simply does not understand my love of books and how I can become so engrossed in one, has read BOTH of them today! If you don't want to purchase them, go to your local library and check them out, that's what I did, but now I'm going to buy them just so I'll have them to loan out to family and friends.
Go to Barnes and Nobles or Amazon on the internet and look them up, read the reviews. If you read the books, please let me know what you thought of them. I was truly BLESSED by them and I hope you will be also.

The background I used is by HBFIC "Good Friday" blogtrain.