Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Before my parents went on to be with Jesus, we made many road trips from TN to AZ. Sometimes taking the southern route and sometimes taking the northern route (I-40). Along the northern route there is this spectacular sight. You can see it about 20 miles before you actually get to it. Last year when we were coming home after my Dad had passed away, we stopped to get a closer look at it. This little town is Groom, TX. just outside Amarillo. The cross stands 190 feet tall and the smaller pictures are actually life size bronze statues (the little dark areas around the cross are the statues, to give you an idea of just how large this cross is. This is truly an amazing sight and if you are ever in the area I'm sure you will be blessed if you take the time to stop and look at it, we certainly were, especially considering the circumstances of the trip. I have posted this page on my other blog, but now that Easter is coming up I wanted to post it again here. I hope you are blessed on this Holy Day.