Friday, September 18, 2009

ACLU: Prayer Held Before Gate City-Sullivan South Football Game Unconstitutional

This is the headline of a local newspaper just a few days ago. It's time to get on my soapbox! The prayer was offered in memory of a Sullivan South football player who died during a game a couple of weeks ago. He was a 6-foot-4, 250-pound defensive linemen who was considered one of the best lineman in the state and was an All-Northeast Tennessee pick. He helped the Rebels win their fourth consecutive Mountain Lakes Conference title.

This prayer was given by a student from the opposing team! What a true show of sportsmanship, not to mention christian love, care and concern for the family, teammates and friends of the player.

The story behind the headlines goes on to say that the ACLU was notified by ONE person. Apparently, if anyone else was offended by this, they at least had the common decency and respect to keep their mouth shut.

As a Christian, I have had it up to my eyeballs with the ACLU lurking around waiting to hear someone say the name God or Jesus in public so they can jump in with both feet. Christians need to take a stand, we are Americans, we have civil liberties also. It's time to stand up. Actually, it's past time. We stood idly by and watched as prayer was taken out of our schools. As a child, I remember when the Children's Bible Ministry visited all schools in our area, once a month. We looked forward to it. I think it made us better adults and parents. It instilled family and moral values in us. Each school day was started by the Pledge of Allegiance (including the words 'one nation, under God'), the Lord's Prayer, and someone was lucky enough to get to read their favorite Bible verse.

Big trouble at school, back then, was when you didn't finish your homework, you were caught chewing gum in class or passing notes to your friends, and the biggest one of all..cheating on a test. Those were the "good ole days".

Now, when you send a child to school, you just pray that they get there and back safely. I wonder where the ACLU was during the Columbine shootings, and all the other school tragedies. Is it them who are trying to make sure our schools are safe? Where are they when gangs are taking over neighborhoods, innocent people losing their lives from gangs fighting over 'territory' that doesn't even belong to them?

I suppose I've said enough for one night..oh, believe me, I could go on and on! I'll just close with this plea...don't let some group or even our own government, lead you in the wrong direction. I know, in the end, Christians will be persecuted, (we are now) but, it will get worse. I'm prepared for that, because I know where I'm going when my time here is over. And whether you are a born again Christian or not, I'll be praying for you. If anyone is offended by my little soapbox rant... I do not apologize, I can't. I must stand up for what I believe in.
Jude (Miss Scarlett)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My All Time Favorite Hymn

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I love this song, always have. I wake up daily with the intention of walking closer to Him, once in a great while I succeed. Most days I fail miserably. Daily "stuff" often gets in my path and in my effort to kick it out of the way, I usually manage to kick it into something else that proceeds to fall on my path, most times that something is stuck to something else and before I know it, I've wasted the entire day just kicking things out of the way to be able to "walk closer". Am I making sense here? Surely, I'm not the only one who does this. What I should do is ask God to take these stumbling blocks out of my path. Oh, I pray every morning, usually asking God to watch over my family and keep them safe. I ask for forgiveness, thank Him for my many blessings and ask Him to bless those who are less fortunate. But at some point during my day, I miss the opportunity to do more to walk closer. Kinda like with this blog, I know there aren't many people who see it, still, I don't know who may stumble upon it. I started it with the intention of "walking closer", maybe just planting a seed so someone would be blessed. Then, I get started on something else and just like now, I see it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted here. But, you know the wonderful thing the end of the day...God knows I'm still only human and He loves me anyway!Just like when our children get a little off track every now and then...we still love them dearly and we gently try to guide them back on track. We never give up on them and best of all...God never gives up on us!