Sunday, May 24, 2009

Praising God

God works in mysterious ways. How many times have we said that, or heard that? I know I have, more times than I can count. But I guess I didn't really think about it as much as I have tonight. (there's a story coming here).
We were just coming out of the choir room tonight and getting ready to sing our first song, when I noticed this young lady come in and sit down in the pew behind Gary (humid day today, so with his emphysema, he didn't feel that he could sing), anyway... she sat down behind him and I saw him turn around and shake her hand and welcome her. Usually, while we sing our first song the congregation mingles and shake hands, and welcome visitors, that sort of thing. Well, this young lady came in all alone, so one of our teenagers went back and asked if she would like to sit with them (our young people like to sit together on the first two or three pews) she said yes and joined them. OK, we finished singing, joined the congregation and our preacher began his sermon. At the end of the sermon, we of course have alter call, if anyone has special prayer requests, feels the Holy Spirit convict their hearts to be saved, or what ever need anyone may have. Well, this young lady came forward to be saved and all of our teenagers gathered around her and prayed with her and the preacher. What a wonderful thing when a young person turns to the Lord!!
OK, here's where I get to the part about God working in mysterious ways. It turns out this young lady is only 18 and she came into our church not knowing anyone who goes there. We all thought she was probably someone's friend, maybe had gone to school with them, maybe a cousin of their's....NOPE, she did not know a single person in our church!!! Now, she is one of us!
Tell me God doesn't work in mysterious ways!

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