Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Year you make them? I used to but stopped years ago when I figured out that it was a waste of my time. I never, or hardly ever, followed up on them. Examples: 1. Stop smoking (nope, not yet) 2. Watch my weight..ok, I'm doing that one, watching it creep slowly upward. 3. Exercise more..yeah, right! Just a few examples and the list went on and on. As this new year approaches, I am going to make one resolution and really try to stick to it. MAKE TIME DAILY ALONE WITH GOD.

Now, I know He is always with me, we have an open line of communication. Really, I talk to him several times a day. Here's the scenario: I get up,I make coffee, take coffee to "my room", turn TV on to Headline News to see what's happening in the world..then my conversation with God begins, often going something like this: "God, what is this world coming to?" ..."Thank you, God, that I don't live there."; "Bless those poor people, God, they must be devastated." And through out the day it goes; "God, my back and shoulder are really hurting." "Lord, please be with the kids today and keep them safe." And He hears all these comments, even though most of them aren't said aloud. They are said from my heart and He knows my heart.

However, I really think He'd like it if I devoted some "alone" time with Him daily,(without the TV in the background, or without me doing daily chores.) Time when I just sit, read some scripture and reflect on it. Listen to Him with my heart, cause that's how He speaks to us you know. Oh, I read my Bible, but I must admit sometimes I do it more out of a sense of obligation and that's definitely not how it should be. So my resolution is to try my very hardest to be how He wants me to be, closer.

The title of this blog is Just A Closer Walk...He's waiting for me to take that first step every day. That's how my "closer walk" will take place. He gives us free will, to walk or stay put...I want to walk, how about you?

I pray you are blessed.

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