Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is one of my favorite quotes. It is on a page of a perpetual desk calendar that my mom sent to me when I had my heart attack in 1997. I still keep that calendar on my desk.

The pictures are of the church that I grew up in. The first picture is the way the church looks now. The second picture is my cousin, Dixie, and me. (no, we did not wear shorts to church, lol) The picture was taken one summer day when we were with our aunt just driving around. Dixie and I were very close growing up, as close as sisters. I think God knew that my real little sister and I would not be able to grow up together so he placed Dixie,(who was also adopted) and me together. My dear cousin was taken to her Heavenly home earlier this year. I miss her, but I know we will be together again some sweet day.

Church played such an important part in our lives. As I said, we grew up there. All our cousins, aunts, uncles and other relatives went to this church. We were there for every service, unless you were really really sick, you better be ready for church. Some really wonderful childhood memories come from this church; Bible school, Sunday school, Homecoming dinners, Baptist Young Peoples meetings, revivals. It was in this church that I learned of God's loving grace, of Jesus' love for all of us. Here, on a Saturday night, during revival, when I was 13 years old, I prayed at the alter and accepted Jesus as my saviour. Has my life been perfect since that time? No, of course not. Life will not be perfect on this earth. But, I am promised a perfect eternal life in Heaven one day. So no matter what comes my way, between now and my last day of life, I will hold fast to my faith and in the knowledge that God has it all under control.

Kit is "Jesus is our Saviour" by HBFaithInChrist designs.

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